Jesus Set Me Free.


I live in the area around Austin, Texas.  I moved here in 1972 to attend college, and because the laid-back lifestyle appealed to me, I never left. I was very freethinking, indulging every whim; this capricious lifestyle eventually led me to prison.

I began learning about myself at the age of 54 inside those literal walls of confinement. The parts of me (gentle, loving, compassionate, creative, intelligent), that had seemingly vanished amidst a drug/alcohol haze, came springing back to life.

I, once again, became intensely inspired by things of God. My fascination with nature was renewed to a heightened degree of delight and amazement. 

My love of animals (especially dogs) became a special “one creation to another” bond of love, individuality, and respect. 

The enjoyment of God-made foods (fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.), and regular exercise became invaluable for maintenance of the remarkable human body that our Creator designed. 

New to that list, and at the top, would be the Word of Truth (Bible), and Jesus Christ, from Whom I receive, and learn about, all freedom and enjoyment of life.

In prison, my writing skill was awakened through correspondence; letters to those outside of prison.  Since then, my desire is to use writing as a way to share with others what I learned from my past, and what I continue to discover through present experiences.