Don't Limit Growth

Enlarge the place of your tent.…Isaiah 54:2

A friend was talking to me about how uncomfortable change is.  Yes, I think the majority of us like for our lives to be structured, all laid out in a nice little routine.

However, this does not fit the plan of our Creator God, who likes us to be flexible and ready for change.  He wants us to be dynamically moving, full of life.

A good visual image is that of a plant in a pot too small for it.  Its roots are bound; you can see them straining against the bottom opening of the container. The plant will remain alive, but it will be stagnate.

 The plant will not continue to grow all bound up in this pot; it will need to be transplanted into a different container of new soil.  To reach its potential, the plant will need a proper balance of water and food.  There might be a short time of shock while the plant adjusts, but in time (with proper care) the plant will begin to flourish, putting forth shoots of new life.

The average human is like the bound up plant--alive, but not growing to their potential.  We can become so accustomed to the tight fit of our “self-made” scheduled life that fear sets in at the thought of change.  This will halt any growth potential that might be waiting for us.

In order to cultivate new life, we have to get out of the boxed routine and allow our roots to branch out in a new environment.  The preliminary step is the decision to yield to something different; making up our mind that change will benefit our existence. 

Initial preparation will profit the success of the situation.  Prayer to our Creator and meditation in His Word will assure that proper choices are made. 

After the change is made, continued consultation with the Master Gardner of life, and daily reading in His Growth Manual (Bible) will enhance the new growth.