Full Reflection of the Son

...Jesus spoke, saying "I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life."  John 8:12.

When a person is looking at the moon, what they are actually seeing is a reflection of the sun.  A full moon is experienced when the earth does not block any part of the sun's reflection.  Whenever the moon is viewed in any stage of partial fullness, it means the earth is blocking at least a part of the sun's reflection.

A Christ follower's reflection of Jesus should be bright like a full moon.  As the world takes notice of a believer's actions and words, it should see only Light.  Any interference caused by extreme focus to the earth's latest catastrophe will cast a shadow over the witness of the believer, and diminish its brightness. 

A believer in Jesus has the honor of displaying the Light that lives within them, so that the entire world around them can be drawn into it.

To keep this Light in full illumination requires that we play a part; this means keeping in direct alignment with Jesus.  There should not be any earthly issues allowed to interfere with who He is inside a believer.  He is total Blessing.  

There are plenty of things on this earth to pay attention to these days that would cast a huge shadow over the reflection of the Son.  Believers should demonstrate being different from the world around us, because...we believe in Jesus Christ as LORD. 

The world is full of darkness.  It is steeped in fear.  The focus is on hate, bitterness, and anxiety.

A Christ follower has the honor of reflecting faith of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Giving out the fruit of love, peace, and joy, through behavior and words, should give continuous demonstration of belonging to our Creator.

 The world needs to partake of the believer's demonstration of this fruit because the world is starving from a deficiency of it.  Manifestation of this delicacy should make the world inquire where it can be purchased. 

Believers naturally want others' lives to be healthy and full of Life, so we gladly point to the Source.

The awesome fact is that this Life-giving fruit is free, through relationship with Jesus Christ....the Son of God.