Little by Little

          one another, for love will cover a multitude of sins..1 Peter 4:8     

There is a story about a frog jumping into a pot of water because he was tired and thirsty; the water looked inviting and refreshing.  At first the water felt good because it was lukewarm to the frog's flesh, but little by little the temperature of the water got turned up.  However, the frog did not notice that the water was becoming hotter, until it was too late......the frog didn't make it.

What if someone had seen that the water was getting very hot, but just stood by saying, "Oh my, that frog is going to die if it doesn't get out of that pot."  This observation, without action, would not have saved the frog.

What if someone had noticed the flame getting higher, and had taken the time to try and rescue the frog?  He might have lived.

Wouldn't you have tried to do something to help the frog live?

The world around is getting darker.  Many people, like the frog, do not realize the darkness because they have become so accustomed to the sin in this culture.  It appears normal, almost inviting.  For centuries it has been building up little by little.  

Some people do realize that things are getting out of control, and are quick to talk about the latest news report...."Isn't it awful?"  "Well I never!"  "I can't believe what is going on in the world!"  This judgemental, non-active observation is not benefiting anyone.

The sad fact is, that even among these complaints, many people (including church goers) finally become complacent and begin going along with whatever society deems appropriate, "Oh well, it is the twenty-first century, things are just different now.  There is nothing we can do." 

A true Christian knows that this is not true.  There is something we can actively do.  So, how do we go about proclaiming God's intent for humanity?

First of all, people in the world need to know their Maker so they can even recognize sin, and they need to know Jesus is always there to help them with it. 

They need to understand that He is a God of love, and that He wants the very best for His human creations.  They need to realize that our Creator made things to be a certain way because He knows that sin will kill His humans.  They need to grasp onto the fact that His wisdom of orderly design is perfect.  They need to know that God's design of creation is the exact way it is, so that we can experience an abundant life.

Pastors should be standing behind pulpits and speaking this Truth.  As Christians, we can talk about God's way to people that we encounter on a daily basis.  Letters can be written to people in Congress, or peaceful demonstrations can be held to stand up for Biblical Truth.  Articles, stories, and books can be written, or media discussions can be posted about God's Truth........Yes, all of these are good.

I think that one of the most effective ways to demonstrate our Lord's way is by living it out in our own lives.  People definitely observe our words and actions.


You can sit around criticizing, judging, and complaining about the current situations to each other.  I know this is an "Ouch" to some of you, but come on, this is not helpful to anyone! your own creative way, start showing the goodness of our living Jesus to the hurting world before you. 


Standing up FOR Biblical Truth in a gentle loving way is far more powerful than speaking aggressively against the current morality issues that oppose God's will. 

.....where sin abounds, grace abounds much more..Romans 5:20.