Daily Inspection

He who believes in Me, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water..John 7:38.

Picture how a submarine glides smoothly through the water.  But what would happen if one of its seams developed a small separation due to the constant pressure of that surrounding water?  Even though this opening would most likely be so tiny that it would be imperceptible to the human eye, this vessel would slowly begin to take on the water from the outside.  Nobody would even be aware until it was too late, and.....the sub began to sink.

If you truly belong to Jesus, then your heart is similar to this submarine under water.  But instead of water, it is the world's traits that continually surround you. 

Satan would like to infiltrate your heart with his pride, hate, fear, lust, greed, condemnation--- every ugly fleshy thing.  These common worldly traits are constantly pushing against you in a insidious effort to penetrate your heart, and take you down.

Our enemy's subtle tactics are often not noticed because these offensive attitudes are so widely accepted in our culture, however..... 

Satan's ways are repulsive inspirations that do great harm! 

Be alert!  Even though these traits are not intended for a Christian, these negative qualities can begin to sabotage the heart of the most avid Christ-follower. 

Surrounded by attitudes that are not authored by our Creator, it is up to you as the Christian to be watchful for the attempted illegal entry of Satan's foreign matter to your heart.

Beware, Satan's ways are cunning, so......how do you keep his worldly ways out?

You have to stay on guard.  You must maintain a regular, daily inspection to see if your heart is lining up with the love-heart of your Lord Jesus.

How do you do this?

Daily reading of the Word of God will point out all foreign and poisonous attitudes trying to infiltrate your heart and mind.  Listen very closely to the guiding of the Holy Spirit of Jesus and He will help you eliminate these toxicities.


Our enemy Satan's ways are all ugly---toxic/death-promoting/cursing/condemning/judgemental.

Our Lord Jesus' ways are all beautiful---healthy/life-giving/blessing/encouraging/comforting.

Be committed to not allow the foreign "water" of the enemy contaminate the living water of Jesus inside your heart.