It's Personal

    "...Abraham was only one man when I called Him, but when I blessed him, he became a great nation."        

Your walk with God is personal, so.....

if you're tempted to say,

"...Lord, what about this man?...,

remember Jesus' reply" ...What is that to you? "You follow Me".

 Our society is a great encourager of competition.  It even honors "healthy" rivalry as it bestows monetary and status rewards upon the contestants.  If you listen to what the world is saying, it will interfere with your personal call from God.

Christians are supposed to act different from the world.  We should not be in competition for recognition, with the evidence of success being money and/or fame. 

There should be no comparisons among believers--no envy, no jealousy, no rivalry.  Nobody should be placed on a pedestal as if God made them some spiritual superior. 

The men and women in the Bible were just regular people (like you and me).  They were able to accomplish amazing things because they listened to what God was telling them, and then they obeyed Him.

The participants in the Bible could not have known that they would be written about in pages of The Book that would affect millions and millions of people.  They did not follow God's direction in order to become rich and famous.  His guidance was followed because they loved and trusted the God who had revealed Himself to each of them.

Today our personal dialog with God will revolve around close relationship with The Father, Jesus our Lord, and Holy Spirit our earthly guide.   As in any union, communication is key to maintaining a healthy connection.  Listening is a very important part of this association with our Creator.

Don't let yourself fall into society's leading, of "me", "me", "me", "look at what I can do!", instead.....

allow Holy Spirit to change your concentration from ''me" to "Jesus", so that Kingdom priority begins to dominate through your life.  

Jesus' agenda  is love through His believers.  He gives a special assignment to each of us so that His love can be demonstrated to a hurting world. 

What you hear will always line up with God's Word, and it will be unique to you.  Holy Spirit will use details from your own life that can help someone else.  Listen with your heart. 

Remember, it is your personal walk with God, so.....

It does not matter how HE is dealing with someone else--it does not matter what they are doing, or not doing.

The thing that is important is, "whatever He asks of you, do it!".


(Scripture taken from Isaiah 51:2, John 21: 21-22, John 2:5)