Balancing the Steps

                                                           The Lord says..........

"I will guide you along the best pathway for your life, I will advise you and watch over you."  Psalm 32:8

Will you let Him?

During my morning walks along the trails of the San Gabriel River, I encounter many people.  One day I saw a couple walking on cinderblocks, built into a part of the path's side to slow down any potential river overflow.

I knew at once that this man and woman were walking on these cinderblocks to practice balance control, and I decided that I would incorporate this into my own daily walk routine.

After I had done this for several days I began to notice the following things:

If I lost concentration of what I was doing and began to think of something else, I lost my balance and fell.

If I gave attention to either side, I lost my balance and fell.

If I looked too far ahead of the cinder-block I was stepping on, I lost my balance and fell.

If I glanced backward, I lost my balance and fell.

If I stopped in the middle of the cinder-block I was on, I lost my balance and fell.

I finally realized that if I just kept moving along the cinder-blocks, with an intent focus of the step I was on, I was able to maintain my balance.

Isn't this so very similar to a Christian's daily spiritual walk with Jesus?  

Of course instead of giving focus to man-made blocks, believers are supposed to give undivided attention to their Heavenly Lord.

In order to maintain secureness of the present moment, it is necessary to keep trust focused on your Creator's unwavering love for you.       

"I cried out, "I am slipping" but your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me."      Psalm 94:18

If undue attention is given to circumstances around us, our footing becomes unstable.  Fearful speculation about what lies ahead, excess thought given to past errors, or worrying about present problems inevitably means a fall off the path leading to our destiny.

Stay in the moment--remember that Jesus tends to only give little glimpses of our journey, so do not lose balance if things are not going according to your plan. 

 When we start to doubt Jesus' ability to guide, and begin to say, "Does God really know what is happening here?  Will God be able to handle this issue?", we are actually losing sight of who He is as The Sovereign Lord God.  

If Jesus is your Lord, then know without a doubt that He is well aware of what you are experiencing now, and what you will encounter later.  Be assured that He has already made the perfect arrangements to take care of you, so.....

enjoy your journey with Him.  The present situations are the very opportunities that allow your faith in Jesus' love to write a divine production for your life.