Breakfast with Jesus

                                 ...Come and eat breakfast..John 21:12

I don't know about you, but I begin each day with a cup of coffee made from freshly ground organic coffee beans from Costa Rica or Nicaragua.  I then look forward to my morning smoothie made with almond milk mixed with a variety of wonderful organic seasonal fruits.

As I am drinking these breakfast items to get my body going, I am also digesting my "spiritual breakfast".  I do not have to go to the grocery store for it.  I do not have to grind the beans or blend the fruit to make it ready to digest.  My spiritual breakfast has already been delivered to me at my home, and is waiting to be eaten.  All I have to do is read it.

What do I mean?

I'm talking about God's Word.  He has delivered it to us in the Bible, and it contains an extensive menu that will satisfy any person's hunger.  The food offered inside will build up and strengthen your inner spirit...this is a remarkable guarantee.

I personally rely on Jesus to feed me a custom, "made for Susan" breakfast each day.  It is truly amazing how my spiritual meal is exactly what I am craving. 

I am never disappointed as the Living Word (Jesus) offers me the exact part of the written Word (Bible) that will be needed for the events of the day ahead.  Of course He would know my needs because He is my Creator.  It is absolutely supernatural how He does this each day!

I depend on the written Word to teach, encourage, and direct me every single day of my life, and.....I am never let down.

Yes, even in this 21st century, the written Word is applicable to our lives, because.... it is the inspired Word of our Creator who only wants the very best for us.

Please do not miss out on the opportunity to eat this free spiritual meal.  Let it keep your outlook hopeful and positive as you read the truth.  As reports come flooding in about the latest negative news in the world, rely only on the report from your Maker to inform you of what is really happening in life.....

It is all very, very good news.