As the Moon Sets, the Sun Rises

                          ....THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, Jeremiah 33:16

I was reading from a journal I wrote inside a Texas prison.  It was an entry from 3/25/10 telling about being in the recreation yard that afternoon and watching the beauty of the sun setting and the moon rising.  I also wrote how this was directly opposite to the day I had arrived at that prison early the morning of 9/2/09....the moon had been setting as the sun was rising in the sky. 

Both the sun and moon were always present, they were just changing positions.

I think that since today (Easter) is a celebration of our resurrected Lord Jesus, it is a very appropriate time to take my journal writing into eternal Truth. 

Jesus, the Son of God, was crucified some 2000 years ago, but He rose victorious out of His grave, and ascended into Heaven.  The Church (His Body of followers) was born shortly afterward.  The Church of the Son is to be a reflection of their Lord Jesus, just as the moon mirrors the brightness of the sun.

During Jesus' physical absence on Earth these past 2000 years, the Church was to rise up on Planet Earth and be a mirror image of His goodness, shining brightly to the world from His love inside their hearts.

Jesus and His Church are to be working in tandem, just as the sun and moon work in tandem. 

One day the Church will change positions with the Son, and He will rise in all His Glory to begin His eternal rule on this Planet Earth.

Just as there is no doubt that the sun will rise as the moon sets, be assured that the Son of God (Jesus) will rise over Planet Earth to physically dominate in a reign of righteousness forever......He will be assisted by those who were faithful as His Church Body.

This is eternal truth.  Come Lord will happen soon!

Hallelujah to our Lord Jesus!