Check For Yourself

                 ..if children, then heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ..Romans 8:17

I used the word irregardless the other day in a conversation with a woman I know.  She quickly informed me there was no such word.  I got a Webster's dictionary and showed her that yes, in fact there is such a word.

This is what Webster has to say about irregardless: "The most frequently repeated remark about it is that "there is not such word"...there is such a word, however."

Later, I found out that when this woman was 17, her father reprimanded her for using the word irregardless, telling her there was no such word.  He had been so authoritative in his "knowledge" about irregardless not being a word that she had gone 4 decades assuming he was right.  She had never bothered to open up a dictionary to look for herself.

Makes me wonder how many Christians rely on what their pastor (or someone else) says about who our Creator is, and what we mean to Him.  Going by others' knowledge of God's Word can be misleading; in fact, it can be in complete error.

Our Creator God has revealed Himself to us throughout the pages in the Bible.  A thorough reading of it will enlighten to what an amazingly wonderful God He is!  From Genesis to Revelation, His inspired Word reveals a Creator who loves and values His human creation beyond the human imagination. 

God loves humans to the point of having died for us.  Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth in His Father's image to die as our sin substitute.  He later came out of that grave and ascended to heaven so that we can all have His life while on earth, and eternally.

When a human on Planet Earth dies, they normally leave an inheritance to loved ones.  After their death, the loved ones gain knowledge of what is left to them by reading the will of the deceased.

We have the privilege of reading the Bible to find out exactly what sort of inheritance Jesus left us.  Yes, we have an inheritance from the Creator of the universe.  Our inheritance gives prosperity in every area of life....this begins the moment you make Jesus your Lord. 

The thing have to read the Word to understand exactly what He has left us.

Quit relying on others for their interpretation of God's Word.  God did not intend for only the "spiritual superstars" to understand.  The Bible is a love letter from our Creator that is meant to be read and understood by every human being. 

Do yourself a favor and dig into the words of the Bible yourself.  The deeper you dig, the more wealth you will uncover.  You already own the treasure if Jesus is your only have to stake a claim on it.

Begin digging are very, very rich!